Globalization: A Threat to Territorial Democracy; Multilateralism; and the Way Forward

  • A. M Adu
  • M. T. Akinlade
  • B. O. Osamwonyi


This paper examines the threat globalization poses on territorial democracy; multilateralism and the way forward. There is the need to rethink democracy beyond nation state level as global social relations encompass transactions and interdependencies that connect people on a global level. This paper also examines the reasons for this threat through the three structural mismatches of geography beyond countries, public beyond nations and governance beyond state. This paper made use of the explorative method to contribute to the understanding of the effects of globalization and its effects on territorial democracy. In order to illuminate this study, the authors of this paper made use of Global democratic theory where five strands of the theories were identified and argued for multilateralism as the way forward for a more democratized global system. Although multilateralism just like other strands of the theory has weakness which was identified, recommendations were made on how to further strengthen the normative assumptions in order to add to, promote and safeguard global democracy.Keywords: Democracy, Globalization, Multilateralism, Territorial, Global Democratic Theory