Lomaka & Romina Publisher (FOP Lomaka A.O. & FOP Romina V.V. ) is the young publisher of electronic scientific journals registered in Kyiv, Ukraine. Lomaka & Romina Publisher is interested in cooperation with a wide range of scientists from all over the world and supports the policy of open-access publications.

Currently, the publisher has one journal – the European Modern Studies Journal (ISSN 2522-9400), but in the future, it is interested in opening additional specialized publications.

The publisher aims to cooperate with leading indexing databases, full-text archives, and content aggregators.

We are grateful to all scientists who trust us to publish the scientific works. The publisher will make every possible effort to satisfy all the needs of its authors and readers as much as possible. It strives for high scientific standards so that each publication contributes to the development of a positive reputation for scientists. Lomaka & Romina Publisher (FOP Lomaka A.O. ) is open to cooperation with both: experienced scientists and those who are only on the way to obtaining academic titles.

Publication ethics

Lomaka & Romina Publisher (FOP Lomaka A.O. ) takes a responsible approach to issues of maintaining scientific reputation. We carefully monitor compliance with standards of ethical behavior by all participants involved in the publication process (author, reviewer, editor, publisher). In our activities, we are guided by the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

All authors are required to disclose in their manuscript any financial or other material conflicts of interest that could potentially affect the results or interpretation of their manuscript. A conflict of interest arises when there is a personal interest of the author for any reason to distort the reliability of the information presented in the article.

Lomaka & Romina Publisher (FOP Lomaka A.O. ) does not acknowledge plagiarism. Authors must guarantee that the submitted manuscript is completely original work, has not been previously published in any language and has not been submitted for consideration to another publication; information or words used from other publications are appropriately referenced or noted in the text. In addition, manipulation of scientific data, tables, images or any text to knowingly provide incorrect information to manipulate the peer review process is strictly prohibited. The authors warrant that all persons mentioned in the list of authors have made a significant contribution to the article and that no person who has made a significant contribution has been excluded from the list of authors or acknowledged persons. All sources of external funding must be indicated. The author is responsible for the information presented in the article.

Reviewers and editors evaluate the scientific level of the article, its practical value and compliance with the principles of ethics of scientific publications. Reviewers must provide an unbiased assessment, regardless of the author's personality, gender, social status, religion, and nationality. Reviewing takes place according to the principles of confidentiality: information about the article (receipt dates, content, stages and features of review, comments of reviewers, and the final decision on publication) is not announced to anyone except the authors and reviewers.

The publisher asserts that any misconduct in the form of fabrication, falsification or plagiarism discriminates against the success of all scientific activity. Any concerns raised regarding possible misconduct or plagiarism will first be assessed by the editor in collaboration with a reviewer, if necessary. If deemed appropriate, the matter will be referred to the institution where the relevant research was performed.

The publisher warrants that every effort will be made to ensure justice for both those accused of misconduct and those who have raised issues of scholarly misconduct. If, after publication, any kind of substandard scientific practice is confirmed, the article is considered refuted. In this case, the editors will use the COPE publication withdrawal rules.

Open access policy

Lomaka & Romina Publisher (FOP Lomaka A.O. ) supports the Open Access policy. All published materials are immediately available to authors and readers without any charge. All of the publisher's publications are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.