Turbulent Natural Convection Modeling Using the FVM and SIMPLEC

  • J. K. Kimunguyi
  • K. O. Awuor
  • F. K. Gatheri


The objective of this study is to conduct a numerical investigation of turbulent natural convection in a 3-D cavity using the Finite Volume Method and the SIMPLEC method. The statistical-averaging process of the mass, momentum and energy governing equations introduces unknown turbulent correlations into the mean flow equations which represent the turbulent transport of momentum, heat and mass, namely Reynolds stress (uiuj) and heat flux (uiθ), which are modeled using k-ω SST model. The Reynolds-Averaged Navier-stokes (RANS), energy and k-ω SST turbulent equations are first non-dimensionalized and the resulting equations discretized using Finite Volume Method and solved using SIMPLEC. The results are validated using benchmark experimental results conducted based on Rayleigh number of Ra = 1.58 x 109. From the results, the mean temperature profiles show an almost uniform distribution in the enclosure core, mean vertical velocity profiles are asymmetrical and the mean horizontal velocity profiles show a rise of velocities near the heated surface due to a spike in kinetic energy which outputs an increased convective heat transfer coefficient.Keywords: Turbulence, natural Convention, k-ω SST model, Finite Volume Method, SIMPLEC Method