Power Generation through Gravitational Pull

  • Muhammad Afnan Yousuf
  • Muhammad Zubair
  • Khalid Salman Khan


The knowledge of utilizing the regularly lost energy in the surrounding of a system and changing over it into electrical energy that can be utilized to enhance the lifetime of that system's power supply or perhaps give an unending supply of energy to an electronic device has fascinated numerous specialists and has brought a rising amount of researchers regarding energy harvesting. Energy harvesting works on the simple principle of deriving the energy from an external source and stored it for small and wireless autonomous devices. Due to the accessibility, abundant and consistent gravity all over the earth, it is feasible to generate electricity using the gravitational pull. This paper presents the working principle and elaborates performance evaluation of the system in different operation conditions. When weight falls from a height, it acquires potential energy, which is then converted into rotational motion with the help of a pulley. The pulley rotates the complex gear system coupled with the generator. However, the amount of energy generated by the proposed design is nominal but far more enough to operate many electronic devices in remote areas. Generation through gravitational pull demonstrates the system’s reliability  and cost-effectiveness, that can be used in the remote areas and enable the locals to create their own islanded power systems. The effect of changing weight and height is also presented and the system operation is verified from different experimental support.Keywords: Gravity, Energy Harvesting, Renewable Energy, Gears, Weight, Electrification