Osteoid Osteoma of the Lumbar Vertebra in an 8-Year-Old: A Case Report Highlighting the Need for a Detailed Evaluation of Chronic Back Pain in Children

  • E. Ukpoju
  • D.G. Sha
  • S. Garba
  • O.A. Abdul
  • A. Imam
  • P.A. Ejembi
  • K.I. Ugwoke


Osteoid Osteoma is one of the rare benign tumours of the bone. It is rarely considered as a cause of low back pain in children. A high level of suspicion and detailed evaluation of back pain in children is required for the diagnosis of osteoid osteoma of the spine.The lumbar vertebra is a common site of occurrence and the posterior elements are the commonly affected part of the vertebra. Excisional biopsy suffices for a complete cure especially in resource poor setting where radiofrequency is not readily available, hence it is pertinent for Orthopaedic and Neuro-surgeons to properly evaluate chronic back pain in children with high index of suspicion for osteoid osteoma.Key words: Osteoid osteoma, lumbar vertebra, children, back pain