Problem-Based Learning with Argumentation Feat Flipped Learning (PBLA-FL) as Hyphotetical Model in Covid-19

  • Raden Wakhid Akhdinirwanto


Covid-19 pandemic made people change many things including in the learning process at school. If before the school pandemic was based on face-to-face (offline), then when the pandemic was forced learning could not be face-to-face, but still had to do learning for the future. Therefore, learning is directed online. This short article aims to explain the application of problem-based learning with argumentation feat flipped learning (PBLA-FL) as a hypothetical model in the middle of Covid-19. By using this learning, it is expected to obtain several diverse benefits from 21st century skills such as critical thinking and problem solving skills, creative thinking and innovation skills, collaboration skills, communication skills and information technology skills. In addition, the PBLA-FL learning model is expected to be able to foster a sense of responsibility, and support government programs in relation to free of learning.Key words: 21st century skills, covid-19, PBLA-FL