Generation Z Acceptance and Satisfaction on Learning Management Systems Utilization: A Platform to Enhance Nursing Students’ Scholastic Performance

  • Emy D. Delgado


The use of digital technology is empowering and has created a wide array of information and knowledge products, and services in higher education institutions, depending upon the state-of-the-art of information communication technology systems they utilize. Likewise, the development in digital systems has provided technological solutions for these academic institutions and information management organizations to access education and knowledge in virtual environments. The study utilized a Descriptive Correlational Research Design and selected three nursing schools that utilized LMSs as a learning productivity tool for at least three consecutive years. The study used purposive sampling to select Nursing students as the respondents for this study. A modified survey-questionnaire instrument was used, validated and pilot-tested for reliability. This was properly coded as to participating school to maintain confidentiality. Data were treated utilizing inferential statistical measures. Majority of the respondents are between 15-20 years old that belongs to Level IV who are mostly very familiar with computer; their primary Internet source is Google, and they use academic journals as primary Internet source. Likewise, more than half of the participants utilize the LMS once a week that presents an allocation of 1-2 hours per session on LMS, and there is an equal distribution of participants who utilize CANVAS and MOODLE as an LMS platform. The level of acceptance in the course structure and instructor’s knowledge and facilitation are highly accepted by nursing students and they are also highly satisfied. There seems to be a disparity between the instructor’s knowledge and their facilitation of LMS to their provision of feedback mechanism to nursing students. It also appears that all features of LMS were not fully utilized, and that poor Internet access and poor time management continues to pose as challenges for LMS utilization.Key Words: LMS, Nursing Students, Educational Technology, Course Structure