Nursing Students’ Scope to Motivational Approach to Learning Using Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F): Influence Teaching - Learning Pedagogy

  • Jocelyn Baluyot-Hipona


Motivational approach is significant factors affecting the quality of student learning. It is also identified that the impact of student’s approaches to learning and ultimately quality of learning outcomes varies in the differences in motivation and study processes. It is increasingly recognized that the learning strategies is associated with students’ motivation to study. This study used a descriptive evaluative research design to explain the essence of a situation that exists at the time of the study and seeks the course of specific phenomenon. The descriptive-evaluative occur in this study through the manifestation of answering the Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F) rendered by the selected nursing students of selected Higher Educational Institutions in the Philippines. A survey was conducted using the standardized test (R-SPQ-2F) questionnaire as propagated by John Biggs for information gathering about respondents profile and their attitudes towards learning. The motivation of the nursing students using Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F) manifested that their extent of attitudinal studies is well equipped through academic awareness. There are twelve (12) motivational Approaches of the nursing students that are correlated to the Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F) and eight (8), which are not correlated under deep approach and surface approach. The nursing students will be able to extent their motivation in demonstrating attitudinal studies using Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F) with an inclined interest in the subject (ItS), vocational relevance (VR), Personal understanding and other significant evidences in uplifting academics through academic awareness. The twelve (12) motivational Approach of the nursing students that are correlated to the Bigg’s (R-SPQ-2F) will be able to maintain in extending the best criteria of educational manner into deep approach of understanding, comprehending, analyzing, synthesizing and alike which incorporate best learning strategies through scholastic ways.Key Words: Motivational Approach, Attitudinal Studies, Nursing Students, and Biggs (R-SPQ-2F)