Machining Bevel Gears on the Engine Lathe: A Feasibility Exploration

  • T.N. Guma
  • C.O. Amadi


Bevel gears are among the most complex components in mechanical engineering. They are used in transmitting power and motion in specialized applications. Machining is reaffirmed as the most common and accurate method of producing gears. The study however shows that only special and costly facilities not commonly found in machine shops are used to execute bevel gear machining. The engine lathe as the usually available machine tool in machine shops was seen to be inadequate for producing these gears by the conventional machining operations on it. Feasibility for jobbing production of bevel gears to meet local purpose-built needs without use of extra bought costly machines was conducted. The study shows that straight external bevel gears can be produced on the lathe with suitably selected milling cutters using prepared bevel blanks and developed suitable attachment. Spiral external bevel gears can also be produced on the lathe by axial hobbing using; developed suitable attachment, selected hobbing cutter, and proper size of prepared cylindrical gear blanks. Accessories, structural rigidity, excess power, versatility, and on-performable motions of the lathe can be exploited to achieve the machining.Key words: Bevel gear, purpose-built, machining, advantages, workshops, possibility