A Use of Graph Theory Properties of Constellations in Stellar Colonization

  • E.A.C.T. Sandamali
  • G.H.J. Lanel


Space colonization has been a big dream of astronomers for many years. Even though no space colony established yet, stellar colonization is feasible with advances in AI, robotics, manufacturing, and propulsion technology. Hence, assuming that every star is a hospitable location, a model of settlement network is proposed based on understanding connectivity within and between complex systems. It outlines a new growth area for settlement research. Also, it brings the concept of scale-free hierarchical networks with preferential tendencies, best described by the power curve. Considering the main purposes of stellar colonization as manufacturing of goods using resources of stars and stellar navigation, edges of the settlement network were defined as interstellar economic connections and transportation connections. Here, it is assumed that the economic connections and transportation connections are similar to the patterns of constellations. A scale-free network is proposed and made conclusions about which stars to be colonized firstly and identified the influential stars within the network. This method can be used as a guide to make a real colonization network by analysing real potential connections between stars.Keywords: Authority, Centrality measures, Clustering Coefficient, Hub, Scale free