The Effectiveness of Mediation in Brazilian Business Negotiations

  • Murillo de Oliveira Dias


Is Mediation effective in business negotiations? In this article, the Mediation versus negotiation process is under investigation. A random sample of N=600 Brazilian business negotiations was divided into the following: (i) the Negotiation group, in which 300 negotiations were carried independently, and (ii) the Mediation group, in which 300 negotiations were conducted with a mediator. One hypothesis was investigated, with a 99 percent confidence interval, through the Nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test. Key findings pointed out an average of 27 percent difference and a significant statistical difference between the groups. The null hypothesis has been rejected. Finally, this article provides scholars with a proper perspective on the alternative dispute resolution processes on business negotiations. Case analysis and further implications are discussed. Finally, conclusion and future research recommendations compile the present study.Keywords: Business negotiations, deal value, mediation, alternative dispute resolution