Modelling Technology for Pre-Service Teachers

  • W. B. Akaadom


Technology tools, especially for educational purposes, keep surging up to serve the needs of both educators and learners. With the world being virtually taken over by the use of technology for professional discourse, teachers are making frantic efforts in trying to incorporate technology into teaching and learning. The objective of this study was to investigate how teacher educators are modelling technology for pre-service teachers and how this affects their use of technology in the classroom.The study adopted a mixed method approach to bring to light the perspectives of teacher trainees and tutors in colleges of education on how teacher educators are modelling technology for pre-service teachers. The study also sought to find out how modelling impacts pre-service teachers in their attempt to use technology for instruction. It came to light that although there are challenges teacher educators face in modelling technology in terms of access to technology tools, a few especially, those teaching ICT courses do model technology for the students including technologies in their lessons whenever possible. However, teacher educators who are not from the ICT department fail to model technology for their students. This impacts negatively pre-service teachers’ attempt to use technology for instructional purposes.Key words: Technology, modelling, pre-service teachers, instruction, technology tools