Contributing Factors to Render Highly Competent Care and Communication Competencies Among Overseas Filipino Nurses

  • Francis Vincent Luis Acena
  • Marivic Ilarde
  • Marlyn Lumitap Cabading
  • Jocelyn B. Hipona


Nurse competence became a relevant topic for discussion among nurse practitioners and nurse researchers. However, the factors connected with nurse competence need deeper exploring. The current solution for the ongoing nursing shortage focuses on increasing the number of registered nurses rather than placing emphasis on the competency of those nurses in providing quality nursing care and ensuring safe nursing practice (Bartels & Bednash, 2005). Seventy-one (71) Filipino staff nurses who are presently working as overseas Filipino Nurses served as participants. The descriptive survey was used to gather information to describe and interpret the care and communication competencies of Filipino nurses working in Libya. Findings aptly indicate therefore that the knowledge, skills and attitudes towards the care of patients were properly handled by highly competent nurses. The overseas Filipino nurses are highly skilled in caring professionals and communicate well to their colleagues and clienteles. Their levels of care and communication competencies are not linked to their profile variables. There is a strong relationship on communication and skills and attitudes of nurses towards nursing care. A lot of factors may contribute to the care and communication competencies of Filipino nurses.Key Words: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Caring, Competency, Overseas Filipino Nurses