Anxiety: The Power Potential Inhibitor A Novel Approach to Anxiety Classification as a Dynamic System

  • Yvonne Oswald


The purpose of this paper is to present research and analysis of the debilitating emotion of anxiety and its effect on today’s society. The author of the paper explores the function of anxiety as it relates to everyday life. Unrealistic expectations of childhood performance from caregivers, parents and teachers are examined as a possible root cause. Mind-body medicine suggests that all change and all learning is initiated by the unconscious mind, so the paper examines the idea that perhaps it is to the unconscious mind that we look to address the solution to this emotionally devitalizing challenge. Determining how far back anxiety begins to be generated is also scrutinized; research suggests that it could be as early as in the womb. This paper presents the importance and benefit of changing not only the unconscious processes but also its behavioral functions in order to reclaim the power potential lost through the inhibiting effect of this less than useful emotion. Keywords: Anxiety, worry, emotions, fear, stress, overwhelm