An Investigation into Learner’s Autonomy and Vocabulary Learning Strategies among Grade 12 Students at a Vietnamese High School


  • Nu Do Thi
  • Que Nguyen Thi


Learner autonomy is a huge assistance for learners in vocabulary learning since it provides the learners with numerous diverse privileges such as independency from teachers and therefore, should be thoroughly investigated to see whether it promotes vocabulary learning. This study employs correlational research design to determine students’ level of learning autonomy, find out students’ vocabulary learning strategies and finally figure out the relationship between the two factors on grade 12 students at a Vietnamese high school. Results from the study show that students’ levels of learning autonomy and vocabulary learning strategies are generally at medium levels and there is a significant relationship between them. Suggestions and recommendations will thereby be given to ensure the successful teaching and learning of English vocabularies in an EFL setting.

Key words: learning autonomy, vocabulary learning strategies, relationship, Vietnamese high school