Development of Independent Learning Model

  • - Rosnelli
  • Fahmy Syahputra
  • - Sarwa
  • Dadang Mulyana


The condition of Covid-19 requires an independent learning model. This study aims to develop an independent learning model to increase student creativity in Industrial Engineering learning. This study uses the research method “Research and Development” which is carried out at the Faculty of Engineering, State University of Medan. The research sample is a lecturer who teaches Industrial Engineering. The data techniques used were observation and documentation study to analyze the needs of developing learning tools. Interviews, questionnaires and class observation sheets to see the needs of learning activities in class. The results of implementing the independent learning model during the Covid-19 pandemic can make students more creative in determining Industrial Engineering course products, product manufacturing processes, producing and carrying out product ideas exhibitions in accordance with their field of expertise/specialists. Students become more creative in determining the products to be made based on engineering ideas in accordance with their field of expertise/specialist. The implementation of the independent model can facilitate students to increase their creativity in producing products according to their chosen talents, talents and expertise. Student creativity begins to increase when students conduct field surveys about innovative products, which in the end they are able to organize creative idea product exhibitions that can be seen by stakeholders. The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic require an independent learning model, which can facilitate students to increase creativity in designing and producing products according to their areas of expertise, interests and talents.Keywords: Independent learning models, Product design and Student creativity products