Qualities and Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs in Organizations Today

  • Chamara Withanachchi
  • Ravindra Koggalage


This paper studies and outlines the insightful synthesis on how inventive execution depends on the characteristics of entrepreneurs of that particular company. Various sensible and methodological issues in the appraisal of the qualities of entrepreneurs are discussed. Reviews of appropriated and unpublished work propose that some attributes, for instance, organizational skills, industry experience, authoritative experience, and prior experience of starts-ups are indisputably associated with good and effective entrepreneurs.Emerging evaluation of social capital and hopeful structure at work is moreover surveyed. A wide set of results from prior studies should be treated with caution, as the synthesis of all things considered is depicted by different methodological models throughout this report. Thus, overall, this report speaks of what qualities the entrepreneurs need to have in them to make sure that the operations run smoothly and that they can achieve what they desire from their company.Key words: Entrepreneurs, Qualities, Character, Personality Traits, Innovations, Achievement, Taking Risks, Self-Efficacy, Business, Visionaries