Comparative Gall Bladder Volume and Contractility Index in Diabetics and Normoglyceamics in Jos University Teaching Hospital

  • Akut Daniel Akut
  • Igoh Emmanuel Owoicho
  • Gabkwet Epga Anthony
  • Ani Charles Chibunna
  • Atsukwei Denen
  • Salaam Abdul Jimoh
  • Taiwo Yetunde Folake
  • Danjem Samuel Moses
  • Gwom Pam Moses
  • Pam Stephen Daniel


Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome of chronic hyperglycemia due to relative insulin resistance, insulin deficiency or both. It is a non-communicable disease of growing health importance and is implicated in the aetiology of autonomic neuropathy, one of which eventually leads to gall bladder dysfunction. This leads to increased prevalence of gallstones, increased fasting gall bladder volume and impaired contractility and motility of the gall bladder.This was a cross-sectional comparative study where 66 diabetics and 66 normoglycaemics patients and control subjects age and sex matched were recruited and examined in Jos University Teaching Hospital. All the subjects had their gall bladder evaluated with ultrasound machine fitted with a 3.5MHz curvilinear transducer. The findings were documented for both fasting state and following ingestion of fatty milk. The results were expressed as percentages and tests of significance were done using the chi-square and Student’s t-test. A P-value of < 0.05 was considered statistically significant. The mean fasting gall bladder volume of diabetic and normoglycaemic was 37.3±11.7cm3 and 28.2±8.9cm3 respectively and was statistically significant (P<0.05). The mean average post-prandial volume of diabetic and normoglycaemic was 23.0±13.8cm3 and 15.1±6.2cm3 respectively and was statistically significant (P<0.05). The average gall bladder contractility index of diabetic and normoglycaemic was 42.6±11.4% and 49.9±10.0% respectively and was statistically significant (P<0.05).The study revealed that diabetics have significantly higher gall bladder volumes (fasting and post-prandial) with impaired gall bladder motility due to poor contractility from autonomic neuropathy.Keywords: Ultrasound, Gall Bladder Volume, Contractility Index, Diabetes Mellitus, Autonomic Neuropathy