Factors Related to Adolescent Level of Knowledge about Free Sex in University of Makassar City

  • Butet Agustarika
  • Sabina Gero
  • Ester Rumaseb
  • - Irwansyah
  • - Rudini
  • - Agussalim


Adolescence is the time of a man or a woman in their teens. They want freedom, so it often creates conflict within them. Therefore, an approach is needed in understanding the nature and mind of adolescents. This research uses cross sectional design with simple random sampling technique. The population in this study was students of level III Stikes Mega Rezky Makassar in the 2014-2015 school years. The sample in this study amounted to 50 respondents. Data analysis techniques using chi-square show that there is no relationship between the environment and knowledge p value = 0.522 > α 0.05, there is a relationship between economics and knowledge p value = 0.001 < α 0.05, and there is no relationship between media access and knowledge p value = 0.250 > α 0.05. Based on the results involving respondents of Stikes Mega Rezky Makassar with a well-knowledgeable category of 44%, category less 56%, there is a relationship between the economy and the level of knowledge, which means that the lower a person's economic status, the more likely they have a less knowledge level about free sex. The results of this study are expected to be an input for the institutions of the Education Office and the Makassar Municipal Health Office as guidelines in providing priority program planning and determining the direction of policy in an effort to increase knowledge about free sex.Keywords: Adolescent, Level of Knowledge, Free sex, University, Freedom