Character Education: A Missing Link to Students Uncivil Behaviour

  • Robert Ampomah


The central theme of this paper discusses the role of character education on students’ behaviour. It first explores the background of character education and the reason to give it the needed attention in recent times. Though character education has been taught for decades, character and moral problems still persist in alarming proportions in our schools and the larger society. Lots of people agree that we need to reinforce character education to improve students’ moral as well as academic life. This study provides a theoretical framework using the psychology of moral development. Again, the study looks at the nature of character education in the global sense and how the concept was pursued during the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial periods in Ghana. With the spate of indiscipline in our schools and societies how could character education be explored to stem the canker.The study recommends among others that character education should be taught based on harmonious religious, cultural and societal trajectories in our schools and the larger society. Furthermore, policy makers in education should endeavour to implement in schools character education through the collective efforts of all social institutions such as the home, religious bodies and the mass media be integrated as an approach to resolve moral dilemmas and indisciplinary behaviours confronting students and the society.Keywords:  Character education, Policy makers, Moral education, Unhealthy behaviour and Traditional African Education