Contribution of Perceived Organizational Support and Psychological Capital (PsyCap) as Moderator Variables to Increase Employee Engagement

  • Dina Diana Lucia


The challenge of the industrial and organizational world is the readiness of the organization to respond to the ongoing changes in order to compete to win the domestic market and attract foreign investors. Therefore, the company organization must prepare reliable human resources, which are assets so that special treatment is needed to maintain productivity and loyalty to the organization. Providing the support needed by employees or what is called "perceived organizational support", which is to meet the social-emotional needs of employees. Perceived organizational support consists of the following aspects: career & development, welfare, rewards and mentoring. The external contribution that comes from perceived organizational support is able to influence the positive psychological factors of employees called psychological capital or PsyCap, which is characterized by 4 aspects, namely: self-efficacy, optimism, hope, resilience. Rhoades and Eisenberger (2002); Shore and Shore (1995) state that perceived organizational support is assumed to be positively related to the PsyCap variable. Thus fostering global employee confidence regarding the extent to which the organization cares about the welfare of HR and respects the contribution of HR. Thus increasing employee engagement with the company organization known as employee engagement. Employee engagement consists of 3 aspects, namely: say, stay, strive, and in this study 13 question items were represented with a validity score of 0.42 and a reliability score of 0.90. PsyCap consists of 15 questions, a validity score of 0.48 and a reliability score of 0.93, whereas perceived organizational support with 22 questions, a validity score of 0.53 and a reliability score of 0.59. The hypothetical model has been tested and is in accordance with the data, so that it can be illustrated that perceived organizational support, PsyCap and employee engagement are significantly related, with correlation ʎ = 0.14 (t hit 4.48 ˃1.96).Keyword: Perceived Organizational Support, Psychological Capital, Employee Engagement, Human Resources