Are Refugees a Burden or an Opportunity: A Sociological Discourse

  • Vitalis Jafla Pontianus
  • Danfulani Kieran
  • E.D. Oruonye


The UNHCR report for 2018 estimates that “every two seconds, someone is forced to flee their home.” And because this problem is so serious and widespread, it is not out of place to argue that forced migrations or global displacements are now a fundamental component of conflict in the modern world. In view of this reality, the study through discourse examines the global trends of the refugee crisis and how this can become a blessing in disguise. The finding of the study shows it is a pity that because refugee resettlement is commonly viewed as an international obligation and an act of generosity by the country receiving refugees, the many benefits refugees bring to their new country are often overlooked. It is true that sometimes refugees cause an upstart in their host countries. In fact, they are sometimes considered to disturb the national order of things. But that is not all about them. The study therefore opined that refugees who are lawfully present or lawfully staying can be a source of economic, demographic, and cultural blessings to their host community. The study therefore recommends that relaxing and making the legal processing of refugees fast and easy can help in nation building in human and economic diversification.Keywords: Global displacement, Internally displace persons, Refugee, Resettlement and Sociological discourse