Proposed Corporate Social Responsibility Projects For Sta. Teresa College

  • Janet T. Cometa


In response to the demand for responsible and meaningful shared ventures amidst the realm of globalization and social transformations, this venture took the views of the primary stakeholders and described the school’s considerations to its economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities as well as the extent of response manifested through reaction, defense, accommodation, and proaction, along with issues and concerns which were deemed critical to the successful implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. With the use of triangulation method and descriptive and inferential statistics, 832 questionnaires were collated and analyzed aided by interviews, focus group discussion, and documentary analysis. This research worked on testing the null hypotheses by employing F-test, Scheffe’s test, Pearson-r Moment of Correlation, and r-squared test. Based on the results, responses on the extent of corporate social responsibility in terms of economic and legal dimensions and on the manifestation of responsiveness vary significantly. A highly significant association and positive correlation between corporate social responsibility and responsiveness were identified. Lastly, education or information, customer relation and safety, community relations, health and safety, and environment are some of CSR issues and concerns.Keywords: corporate social responsibility, responsiveness, CSR issues and concerns, CSR Projects, Catholic HEI