Tracer Study of BSBA (Human Resource Management) Graduates of UM Tagum College

  • Imelda V. Isaal


The main purpose of this study is to present the demographic profile, employment status, sector of employment, place of work, length of time in getting a first job, ways of finding a job, position held at current job, relatedness of training with the current work, competencies needed at work, and leadership and volunteerism profile of UM Tagum College, BSBA Human Resource Management graduates. Majority of the respondents are single within the age bracket of 20-25 years old; they have no competency examination passed. Likewise, many of the respondents are employed within Region XI and occupy in the staff positions in contractual status. Further, most of the respondents land a job in less than six months after graduation and choose to stay in their work due to proximity of the establishment to their home. Furthermore, communication skills and human relations skills are the competencies that help the respondent in the performance of their functions. Moreover, it is noted that most of the respondents are not members of any professional organization and are not engaged in any volunteer activities.Keywords: Business Management, Human Resource, Tracer Study, University of Mindanao, Philippines