The Glacial Lakes of Shar Mountain as a Tourist Attraction

  • Ilija Zakoski


Every tourist resource does not have to be a tourist attraction, but every tourist attraction represents a tourist resource. These resources are the main factors for the development of tourism because, without the existence of tourist attractions, there can be no tourism. The tourist attraction is a basic prerequisite to provide places as tourist destinations on the market. The decision for tourist movement is made when there is a geographical area with natural or cultural resources that meet a certain human need, when those resources are activated and when potential tourists have appropriate knowledge about it. The experience so far in the care and protection of certain natural rarities and sites that abound in natural beauty notes a positive trend. Natural rarities receive treatment that contributes to their sustainable development, which increases the role of society towards the organization and humanization of the environment, protection and improvement of nature, and through these activities development of tourism as an economic category. The Republic of North Macedonia is characterized by numerous natural rarities, and Shar Planina is one of the most noticeable. Numerous cirques, glacial lakes, and various forms of glacial relief distinguish Shar Mountain as a natural rarity. Because of the beauty of these glacial lakes, they are called "Mountain Eyes". This paper aims to present the glacial lakes of Shar Planina in the part that belongs to the Republic of North Macedonia as tourist attractions that attract a large number of tourists.Key words: Shar Planina, glacial lakes, tourism, tourist resources, tourist attractions