COVID-19 Lockdown-Enhanced Innovations in Mathematics Education in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

  • Muvoke Doris Omeodu
  • Tekenate Charles–Owaba
  • Abuge Iwani Dorcas


The immediate consequences of the pandemic might be there, but it has offered a unique turning point as well as provided an opportunity to learn, reshape and rebuild resilience into the educational system of the state. Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic has stirred up the need to embed appropriate technology and standards for effective output in the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels. This paper presents conceptual clarifications on innovations, COVID-19 lockdown, mathematics and mathematics education and lockdown-enhanced innovations. Mathematics education in Bayelsa state before the lockdown was discussed. Lockdown-enhanced innovations in mathematics education in Bayelsa state with regards to the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Mobile App-based instructional approaches were identified and discussed.Keyword: COVID-19, lockdown-enhanced, innovation, mathematics education