An Investigation into the 2nd Year English Majors’ Anxiety in Oral Presentation

  • Do Thi Trang Nhung
  • Nguyen Thanh Hai


Feelings of anxiety or nervousness are common expressions of second/foreign language learners when giving a presentation or even speaking in the target language. These feelings are considered to cause a potentially negative effect on communication in the target language. This study has attempted to discover the factors that anxiety can stem from when English major second-year students at a university in Vietnam give presentations and has recommended a variety of solutions to cope with it. By using questionnaires and interviews, the data were collected from 50 English major second-year students and 4 teachers. The data collected reflects factually three main issues in this study: the levels of speaking anxiety of students, the causes of anxiety, anxiety coping strategies. The findings suggested that anxiety can originate from a variety of causes and numerous solutions to virtually eliminate difficulty and anxiety from the process of giving any presentation were provided. These findings will hopefully be useful for those who are interested in the topic and for further research.Keywords: English major, English presentation, anxiety, anxiety coping strategies, university students