Modified Euler Based Transient Stability Assessment of Multi Machine System


  • Chizindu Stanley Esobinenwu


Transient stability in recent time has become a major challenge in power system operation. The paper examined the impact of the three phase fault created along Delta–Benin transmission line. Benin sub-regional 330kV power grid system was used as the study case. Modified Euler’s method was used to solve the swing equation for a multi machine system to obtain the critical clearing angle and time of the circuit breaker. Based on the findings, the result obtained shows that the critical clearing angle and time of the circuit breaker are [77.2247deg, and 0.2seconds] after which the fault was cleared while the oscillation damped gradually to attain stability. Based on this behavior, we can say that the generators maintained synchronism after the fault was cleared and transient stability was improved through the use of high speed circuit breakers.Key words: Euler, Benin grid, Etap, Clearing time, Multi machine, Transient stability