Studies on Corrosion Inhibitory Effect of Phyllanthus Amarus Leaf Extract on Aluminum in Acidic Medium

  • O.M. Olutayo
  • S.O. Olayiwola
  • P.G. Oni
  • O. Awolesi
  • B.S. Olubusoye
  • O.M. Alabi
  • E.A. Omakagu


This paper is aimed at inspecting the corrosion inhibition efficiency (IE) of Phyllanthus amarus leaf extract on aluminum in acidic medium and the protective film formed on the aluminum by surface examination using Fourier Transmission Infra-Red (FTIR) spectra. Phyllanthus amarus was extracted with ethanol using rotary evaporator. The weight-loss method was used to establish its inhibition efficiency while the FTIR analysis was used to ascertain the formation of the protective film. The weight-loss result indicates that the inhibition efficiency increases as the concentration of the plant extract increases. The FTIR analysis showed that the lone pair of electrons present in the heteroatoms of Phyllanthus amarus is responsible for the adsorption inhibition on the metal surface. In regard to the inhibition efficiency that ranged from 11.16% - 85.71% even at low concentrations of 10-50ml/L, Phyllanthus amarus leaf extract is considered effective, eco-friendly, affordable, biodegradable, renewable, non-toxic and can serve as an alternative corrosion inhibitor for aluminum, thereby displacing toxic chemical corrosion inhibitors.Keywords: Corrosion; Inhibition Efficiency; Aluminum; Phyllanthus amarus; FTIR