Characteristics of Scrap Metal Activities in the Municipality of Abobo (Côte D’ivoire): Ambivalent Dynamism of a Booming Activity

  • Guissa Desmos Francis DAKOURI


Abobo, a popular commune located in the north of the city of Abidjan, is the seat of scrap metal activities. The objective of this study is to highlight the characteristics of these activities in the commune of Abobo. The methodological apparatus used to achieve this objective consists of documentary research, interviews and a field survey. The results obtained indicate that scrap metal activities in the municipality of Abobo are mainly run by foreign actors, who represent 58% of those interviewed. More than 98% of the actors interviewed are at least 20 years old, and only 4% are women. This activity provides an average income of 150,000 francs per month and thus supports a large number of people who are unemployed. Furthermore, although the majority (86%) of the actors live in the commune of Abobo, there is a dispersion in terms of the neighbourhood where they live compared to the place of sale. It can be seen that, for the most part (65% of respondents), the use of a third party for access to capital is the dominant model. To carry out their activity, scrap metal dealers set up on undeveloped spaces or land reserved for future development at the disposal of the commune, the edges of the main road, neighbourhood streets and high-voltage corridors.Key words: Characteristic, Activity, Scrap metal, Commune, Abobo