Cognizing Language Anxiety of EFL Learners: A Study of Dell Hymes Model of Speaking

  • ALI Furqan Syed
  • Muhammad Ali Shahid
  • Gulshan Naz
  • Muhammad Shaffaqat
  • Pakeeza Gallani


Language is primarily a spoken phenomenon. It is practical and highly instrumental for communication. When we regard English as a Foreign Language, we tend to develop language skills so the learners may be able to communicate through the target language. The current study aims at investigating the causes of language anxiety of EFL learners, and how the causes of language anxiety prevent achieving the communicative competence proposed by Dell Hymes. A quantitative research approach was utilized in the present study.  A structured questionnaire method was adopted to collect data from the learners of the foreign languages. Likert scale was used to analyze the feedback of the EFL learners on the study. The output of the data through SPSS was evaluated on the set standard concerning the null hypothesis and the aim of the study. In the survey, 93.25% staunch opinion evinces that EFL learners are overpowered by language anxiety.Keywords: Communicative Competence, Language Anxiety, EFL Learners, Target Language