Ethnic Politics and National Development: Understanding the Paradox of Nigerian States

  • Oluwaseun Samuel OSADOLA
  • Akintunde AJAYI


This study examines ethnic politics and national development with the intent of understanding the peculiarities of Nigerian state. Nigeria is a multi-ethnic state with cultural diversity and complex political terrain. These diverse ethnic groups actively and passively participate in politics with the focus of achieving ethnic centralization of power which has led to sectional development. Ethnic diversity has led to increased civil dissonance which cannot be detached from the evil and forceful uniting mission of the colonialist while pretending to bond the various ethnic groups under a political enclave called Nigeria. This forceful uniting mission has created an unending atmosphere for conflict and eventual underdevelopment. As a guild to answering the questions on ethnic politics and nation building, it is apt to examine the link between ethnic politics and national development. Hence, this study examines the effects of ethnic politics on state development in Nigeria. The study relies on secondary data and employs both descriptive and analytical mode of analysis. Keywords: Ethnic Politics, Ethnicity, National Development, Nigeria, Underdevelopment