Induction Program for Beginning and Experienced Teachers: Challenges and Perspectives

  • Marlyn G. Araneta


This study assessed the induction program for beginning and experienced teachers in Sultan Kudarat Division, Region XII, Philippines. Findings served as bases for a proposed district-based teacher re-orientation program in the district and division levels. This study used descriptive-evaluative research design utilizing quantitative approach, supported by qualitative data. Weighted mean was used to determine the extent of implementation of teacher induction program (TIP) and the extent of addressing the current needs of teachers. The TIP was very well practiced and implemented for newly-hired teachers of both the beginner and experienced teachers. The coverage of the program on professional ethics, vision, mission, goals and objectives and welfare and benefits were rated very well practiced. The needs were addressed during the TIP for the beginning and experienced teachers based on the NCBTS Domain. Professional growth and professional development, social regards for learning, learning environment, curriculum, community linkages and diversity of learners are the domain of NCBTS which were rated as very well practiced. Lack of support from the school in terms of financial aspect, attitude and lack of commitment and inadequacy of instructional materials and facilities were the problems encountered in the implementation of TIP. The teacher induction program was regularly implemented to the newly-hired teachers to help them understand and develop the knowledge on the vision, mission, goals and objectives, administrative discipline, welfare and benefits and professional ethics. The implementation of TIP for the newly-hired teachers help them to determine their roles and responsibilities that govern in the teaching profession through the inclusion of the NCBTS that provides general and specific understanding on the concepts of teaching and learning process.Key Words: Teacher Induction Program (TIP), Beginning Teachers, Experienced Teachers, Challenges and Perspectives