Identification of the Factors Affecting Lower Level of School Volleyball Performances

  • S.D.S Jayalath
  • A.A.L. Madhushani


This study was accomplished with special reference to Balangoda Education Zone. The study was undertaken by focusing on the matter that was identified from the years of observation, interviews and through the past records of school level volleyball performances from 2014 to 2019.A quantitative research design was applied to examine the factors affecting lower performances. The researcher collected data from 322 present school volleyball players, 70 former school volleyball players and 25 physical education teachers from 26 schools by using multistage sampling method. The questionnaire and interview methods were used to gather information from the selected sample. Results were figured after carrying out statistical analysis wrought by using appropriate statistical tools.According to the results of the data analysis, there are several significant factors affecting lower level of volleyball performances. They can be categorized as internal and external factors. Internal factors include physiological and psychological issues related to players, which mean the lack of skill and health related fitness components in players and psychological issues like stress, anxiety, aggression. In addition external aspects like playing environment, physical facilities, and lack of expertise knowledge and lower participation for training sessions may also affect the lower level of volleyball performances.Resulting from implementation of this recommendation, the respective benefits can be yielded by not only the players, coaches and instructors but aggregate the whole responsible persons of the sports field.Key words:  Sport performances, Physiological factors, Psychological factors