Composition of Weeds in Cocoa Plantation at North Aceh Regency Province of Aceh Indonesia

  • Baidhawi -


The cocoa crop is an important source of income for many farmers in the North Aceh region, and other neighboring regions at Aceh Province. Cocoa production has great economic importance in this region and in much of the state of Indonesia. Diversity of weeds in cacao plantations of North Aceh region, and other neighboring regions at Aceh Province was conducted in August to November 2020. This survey followed a few steps: collecting, counting, drying and species identification. The phytosociological parameters, namely frequency, density, abundance, relative frequency, relative density, relative abundance and the Importance Value Index (I.V.I.), were used for analysis. A total of 10 botanical families were identified, distributed in 18 species. These are families Euphorbiaceae, Oxalidaceae, Onagraceae, Urticaceae, Lamiaceae, Cyperaceae Commenlinaceae, and Capparidaceae. The species, which showed the highest levels of Summed Dominance Ratio (SDR) value were: Peperomia pellucida (49.31), Laportea interrupta (14.81), Cleome rutidosperma (13.89), and Synedrella nodifloram (7.39).Key words: cacao, weeds composition, weeds distribution, weeds structure