Sperm Cell Livability and Motility from Boar Semen Extended with Watermelon and (Citrulluslanatus)-Egg Yolk Extract

  • Princess Christianne J. Chua
  • Jenisa Mae C. Jarilla
  • Abdani D. Bandera
  • Liezelle D. Bonganciso
  • Ma. Luz Soriano


The study was conducted at the University Swine Project and in the Nutrition Laboratory in Cluster Building of College of Agriculture, Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon, Philippines. This study aimed to characterize macroscopic qualities of the extracted boar semen; assess the sperm cell morphology, abnormality and number live and dead sperm cell in the extracted boar’s semen; evaluate the initial sperm motility of the extended boar semen with watermelon extract; and determine the longevity of the sperm cells in the extended boar semen with watermelon extract. Semen Extender sustains life of sperm cells even outside of the reproductive tract of the boar. Natural products such as watermelon may prolong the livability of sperm cells considering its lycopene content which is an anti-oxidant. The study was conducted to evaluate the semen volume, color, pH, sperm cell motility and longevity in different treatments (No extender, Commercial Extender and Watermelon extract egg yolk). These were arranged in a Completely Randomize Design (CRD) and replicated five times. Post hoc test was through the Tukey’s HSD Test after the analysis of variance for a complete randomized design. The semen macroscopic and microscope characteristics such as volume, color, pH, sperm cell abnormalities, motility and livabilitywere observed and recorded. Results showed 200 ml semen which is milky white in color, pH 8 and an excellent initial motility of 84%. Common sperm cell abnormality was enlarged midpiece (23.08%). Semen without extender has sperm cells alive for only four hours, watermelon extract- yolk extender for 9 hours while the commercial extender allowed sperm cells to live as long as 19 hours after the addition of the extenders. Commercial extenders are better for long-term preservation while watermelon extract- yolk extenders are for short-term only.Keywords: Semen Extender, Watermelon, Sperm Livability and Motility