The Role of PRP Therapy in the Outcomes of in Vitro Fertilization Programs

  • Yu. V. Zabrodina
  • G. U. Akhmedyanova


One of the important aspects associated with achieving positive results in the cycles of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) is the endometrium. The problem of a thin endometrium that is not influenced by hormone therapy is quite relevant at the present time. Therefore, recently, a method of treating autologous, platelet-rich blood plasma has been introduced into gynecological practice. PRP therapy is the treatment of blood cells that contain a lot of alpha granules containing a large number of growth factors. With the introduction of platelet-rich plasma in high concentrations in the tissues, regeneration accelerates, the endometrium thickens, and its structure returns to normal. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of PRP therapy in infertile women with a thin endometrium (<7 mm).Key words: PRP-therapy, platelet-rich plasma, infertility, in vitro fertilization