Parental Relationship, Personality Factors and Behaviors of Students of Esperanza National High School

  • Marilou G. Pagayon


This study was initiated to determine how parental relationship and personality factors were linked to delinquent behaviors of students of Esperanza National High School. It was carried out on the sample of 77 delinquent students, 77 close friends, 77 parents and 47 teachers with a total of 278 respondents. Mean, t-test and Pearson’s r were employed to provide good analysis, interpretation and implication of the results. Findings revealed that higher level of delinquent behaviors were reported with students who had less parental relationship and those who had higher level of personality problems. Males were more delinquent since they were associated with lower level of parental relationship and poor personality factors. Thus, this research strongly suggests that male students should be given enough attention by the parents and teachers. If this would be the case, less personality problems and delinquent behaviors will be observed among students.Key words: Parental Relationship, Personality Factors and Behaviors