Enhancing Retention of Water Pollution using Computer Tutorial and Drill Practice among First Year Science Education Students of University of Uyo, Nigeria


  • Rebecca U. Etiubon
  • Anyanime O. Akpan
  • Nsimene M. Udoh


Students need supportive, empowering and enabling technology-driven environment to make learning interesting and retentive. Water pollution is a major threat to the environment and students' knowledge of the hazards is crucial to their management of the environment using digital devices effectively. Computer tutorial and drill practice were employed to investigate learners' retention of water pollution. Three research questions and three hypotheses guided the study. The study was quasi-experimental of non-randomized pretest, posttest control group design with students in intact classes. Population and sample size of the study was all 210 first year science education students of university of Uyo, 2018/2019 session using purposive sampling technique. Retention Test was the instrument used to collect data for the study. Instrument validation was done by three lecturers of test, measurement and evaluation in Science Education Department. Reliability index was .81 obtained using Kuder-Richardson Formulae-21. Data was analyzed using mean and standard deviation to answer research questions and Analysis of Covariance for hypotheses formulated at .05 level of significance. Findings showed that students taught water pollution using computer tutorial achieved and retained higher than students taught using computer drill-practice and lecture strategies. Gender was not a significant determinant of students' retention, though female students retained slightly higher in their mean retention scores than male students using drill-practice strategy. Based on the findings, it is concluded that computer tutorial is the most effective strategy in enhancing students' retention on water pollution. It is recommended amongst others that science teachers adopt computer tutorial as well as computer drill-practice strategies in teaching science concepts. 

Keywords: computer tutorials, drill-practice, water pollution, retention, enhancing