Socio-Cultural Representation of Ukrainian Mentality in the English-Speaking World (Based on Translations of Lina Kostenko’s Poetic Works)

  • Svitlana Kharchenko


This research paper aims to analyze the translation of Lina Kostenko’s poetic works into English. The main purpose is to identify its peculiarities on the stylistic and lexical levels. The translation of poetic texts has its specificity associated with the uniqueness of the poetic genre. Such a translation involves the reproduction of the content of the original work through a specific organization and selection of language means and techniques. Lina Kostenko's lyrical works as well as modern Ukrainian poetry in general have not yet been much discussed in the literature on translation studies. Therefore, the relevance of the study is determined by the need to identify the specificity of including the translations of Ukrainian poetic works into the context of the English-language literary space.Key words: translation, poetic work, translation transformations, worldview