Knowledge Organization Model Construction and Application of Oral Archives Based on Knowledge Graph

  • Yonghe LU
  • Ying XIAO


Oral archives are not only records of social history, but also the valuable resources in digital humanities research. With the development of digitalization of archives, the traditional coarse-grained organization methods are not conducive enough to the mining and development of archives knowledge. Hence, based on the knowledge graph, combining automatic extraction methods and expert review, the research constructs the knowledge organization model of oral archives. Firstly, the research constructs the ontology of oral archives based on protégé, which includes 6 core concepts, 20 sub-class concepts and 32 concept properties. Besides, taking the oral archive database "Hong Kong Voices" as an example, extracting the knowledge units of oral archives, the ontology model is applied to instantiate the knowledge graph of oral archives. Finally, based on the oral archives knowledge graph, analyze the application scenarios of the knowledge organization model. The research focuses on features of oral archives and apply knowledge graph construction on archive work, so as to optimize the archives knowledge organization method and the development of archives knowledge services in the times of digital humanities.Key words: Oral archives, Knowledge organization, Knowledge graph, Digital humanities