Comparative Analysis of North West Corner (NWC) and Modified Distribution (MODI) Programs of Solving Distribution Problem

  • O. O. Alo
  • A.B. Adetunji


Most companies involved in the distribution of manufactured goods are facing optimal cost problem in the distribution of their goods from source(s) to destination(s). As a result of this, many researches have been carried out to solve the distribution problem for cost optimal solution.This paper selected two algorithms (Northwest Corner and Modified Improvement Index) used to solve distribution problems and checked the performance of the implemented programs written in Java for the algorithms and justify the better program. It examined the better of the two Java programs for the distribution problem algorithms (Northwest Corner (NWC) and Modified Distribution (MODI)) using Coca-Cola distribution system as a case study. The metrics considered are average run time for the execution, Lines of code, solution type, and complexity of programs.The result of the research shows that Northwest Corner method has shorter execution time (851328.4ns for NWC and 21740104.4ns for MODI) and lesser development time with shorter lines of code (LOC). NWC has 157 LOC while MODI has 408 LOC, complex algorithm and more execution time; however, the MODI program had the better optimal solution.Keywords: Distribution Problem, Algorithms, Java Program, Northwest Corner, Modified Distribution and Line of Code