Influence of Single Parenting on Senior Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Mubi Educational Zone, Adamawa State

  • Doris Basila


The study examined the influence of single parenting on academic performance of junior secondary school students. The study adopted survey research design. The population of the students was 8,745. Sample size of 450 was drawn by stratified sampling technique. An adopted instrument titled “Influence of Single Parenting on Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students” from Fareo (2019). The validity of the research instrument was carried out by two experts. The reliability co-efficient was 0.71 using split half reliability method. Cumulative results of SS 1-111 students were collected to determine their academic performances. Data were analyzed using mean, Standard Deviation and t-test analysis. The study revealed the challenges faced by students in single parents included negative emotional and mental adjustment, and no quality time by parents to spend at home. There was a significant difference between the academic performance of students from single home and two parents’ home in Mubi Educational Zone. In conclusion, parenthood is challenging enough even under the best of conditions, and being a single parent is tasking and very demanding. It was recommended that school counsellors should offer necessary help and psychological support for students from single parent homes to overcome their academic and emotional problems.Keywords: Single parenting, academic performance, emotional adjustment and drop out