The Impact of Evangelism in the Kellé District from 1947 to 2012

  • Dominique Oba


Considered as the way of eternal salvation, the religion occupies a prominent place in society. Each civilization has always had the same religion if it has not been written. Since ancient times, the people of Congo in general and those of Kelle district in particular are attached to old customs and values, even if modernism never ceases to transform and distort certain practices by methods considered as sometimes abnormal. Upon their arrival, the missionaries had largely rejected the Mberé cultural system, considering that its practices were pagan and contrary to the Christianity. For several years, the mission practically lost interest in the main aspects of the Mbere culture. The missionaries' goal was to bring the gospel to all the people of the district of Kelle since without the gospel man is that human being who is considered to be without markers. The message remains very important; it must be proclaimed to all humanity. Evangelize is to obey the order of the mission given by the Lord Jesus Christ to his disciples. The holy scriptures affirm in this connection: “go everywhere preach the good news and baptize them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”. For several years, the missionaries will cross a large part of the Congolese territory.Keywords: Incidence, evangelism, culture, traditional values, Kelle district