Moral Perspectives of Stereotypes against Women on the Plateau, Nigeria

  • Bitrus Dung Tok
  • Ahmed Elfaruk Ali


In a democratic system, the issues of marginalization and wrong notion about women’s right, empowerment and position are expected to be a thing of the past. Efforts have been made to reform the constitution, administrative policies and programmes so as to eliminate or minimize discrimination against women gender that have not been convincing to the feminine folks. Since morality is concern with the establishment good life, there should be no stereotyping against gender as the practice is in society especially among the Berom and Ron ethnic groups of Plateau State. It is obvious that gender stereotyping is common in the society and it has posed a lot of concern. The human race is influenced by gender as it tells of what is appropriate for boys and girls, men and women to do in society. Gender stereotypes have made girls and women often less valued and lowered their status. There has been gender discrimination, gender conflict, gender segregation and gender disparity going on globally. The gender stereotype has denied women some vital things in life such as education, political appointments, employment and skill development. This paper seeks to investigate gender stereotype in Plateau State with emphasis on Berom and Ron tribes. The analytical and observation methods were used to arrive at the findings in this paper. The paper shows how women have been stereotyped in life as they have been denied certain responsibility because of their sex with the view to bringing equality in sharing and giving responsibility wherever it may be since both men and women are all equal before God.Key Words: Morality, Gender, Stereotype, Perspective, Disparity