Proverbs: A Powerful Tool in Yoruba Indigenous Administration of Community Affairs in Selected Communities of Southwestern States in Nigeria

  • Olukemi Morenike OLOFINSAO


Yoruba proverbs are regarded as wisdom lore of the society. They are drawn from close observation of life and various experiences of the people in the society. They are regarded as in-controvertible authorities that are indispensable in various forms of verbal interaction and relationship of the people. This paper sought to identify the usefulness of proverbs in day-to-day administration of Yoruba community affairs in a formal system of governance. It also examined the relevance of proverbs among the Yoruba speaking people in the governance of community affairs in the selected communities. The paper analyzes some selected proverbs as they affect the administration of the community affairs in selected communities of southwestern states. These communities are: Ife, Ondo, Abeokuta and Ibadan. The study gave further insight into the knowledge of Yoruba proverbs and also added to the understanding of Yoruba sociology and system of governance as embedded in Yoruba proverb. The study found out that the Yoruba proverbs are also employed as a form of plain statement of fact or a warning to those in governance either to praise, or to guide them in the day to day administration of the community affairs. The study concluded that Yoruba proverbs are repertoire of knowledge and they are used in controlling the affairs of the communities for peaceful co-existence within the community and among communities.Keywords: Proverbs; indigenous; administration; verbal interaction; and powerful tool