Assessment of the Causes of Abandonment of Construction Projects in Plateau State Nigeria

  • Ezekiel Agah RUGU
  • Johnson Josiah MARUT
  • John Okwe ALAEZI
  • Janet Marcus SAURI


The importance of the assessment of the causes of abandonment of projects in Plateau State cannot be over-emphasized considering the amount of resources that are employed. The research was aimed at the assessment of the causes of abandonment of construction projects in Plateau State. Quantitative method of data collection was employed in the study using close-ended questionnaire. The data analysis tool that was employed for this study is the relative importance index (R.I.I). The RII was used to analyze data obtained for the causes of abandonment of projects; the highest value of RII was ranked 1 and so on. Also descriptive statistics was employed to analyze the background of the respondents. The research has demonstrated that there are at least (26) factors causing project abandonment in Plateau State amongst which are change in power which was ranked first with 89.00%, others are; corruption, inappropriate planning, change in power, location of project, capital mismanagement, lack of adequate feasibility study, disbursement delays, lack of adequate cost analysis, poor project management, inefficient cost control processes, poor procurement processes, community interference, incompetent contractor and security instability. Cost overrun is a very significant effect of project abandonment; when projects are abandoned, it leads to increase in the initial cost of the project, the final cost of the project exceeds the initial cost of the project as a result of non-completion of projects within the agreed contract period.Keywords: Assessment, Causes, Abandonment, Construction, Projects, Plateau State