Influencing Factors of Child Health and Morbidity in Bangladeshi Children

  • Md. Roshidul Islam
  • Dhaneswar Chandro Sarkar


The study of child health and child morbidity in developing countries is an important issue in public health programs. Child mortality is caused by direct, indirect and other related factors and morbidity such as acute respiratory infection (ARI), diarrhea, fever, cough etc. This data employs the prospective data on child status in Bangladesh to identify the existing situations about child health and child morbidity. A secondary data has been taken from the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS), which is one of the biggest public health surveys in Bangladesh. The survey was conducted in the year 2014. In this study, the dependent variable of interest was the ARI and diarrhea. A number of demographic variables and potential factors were considered as independent variables. The Chi-square test, logistic regression and correspondence analysis were considered for analytical purposes.Keyword: Child morbidity, Child health, ARI (acute respiratory infection), Diarrhea