Performance of Election Supervisory Body in Meranti Islands Regency during Pandemic COVID-19: Case Study Budget Efficiency

  • Eri Gunawan
  • Syafhendry -
  • Moris Adidi Yogia
  • Rendi Prayuda
  • Panca Setyo Prihatin


The Election Supervisory Body is designated as a fixed election organizer and has the authority to supervise the course of elections. This is following the opinion that the existence of election supervisory agencies will be weaker if it does not have maximum authority, resulting in the lack of maximum performance Election Supervisory Body. In addition, Election Supervisory Body also has an obligation among others to be non-discriminatory in carrying out its duties and authorities, conducting coaching and supervision of election supervisors at the level below, receiving and following up reports related to alleged violations of the implementation of laws and regulations regarding elections. The main objective of this study is to know the performance of employees of the Election Supervisory Board in budget efficiency during Covid-19 in Meranti Islands Regency. The type of research used in this study is descriptive qualitative. The number of research informants is 10 people with the Election Supervisory Body head as a key informant. Data collection techniques with interviews and analysis with qualitative analysis methods as research procedures that produce descriptive data. Based on the results of research conducted in Election Supervisory Body Meranti Islands district to see the policy of Election Supervisory Body in budget efficiency during the Covid-19 period obtained the conclusion that Election Supervisory Body Islands District Meranti Islands district has maximized the budget expenditure used in the implementation of elections in 2020, but this also impacts the performance of Election Supervisory Body employees because honorarium of the implementation of the task must be reduced due to efficiency to adjust existing budgets. Elections during the Covid-19 pandemic are not a barrier for Election Supervisory Body Meranti Islands Regency to show maximum performance.Keywords: Performance, Election Supervisory Body, Pandemic Covid-19, Efficiency, Budget