Motivation for Women Access to Art Education in Pakistan: A Mixed-Method Study on the Survey of Teachers & Students in Higher Education

  • Farhana Altaf Qureshi
  • Muhammad Farhan Qureshi
  • Jiao Yicheng
  • Saira Kanwal


Art as a subject has introduced new trends in the art field in Pakistan. However, Pakistan shows a different situation about the role of women in art education in higher education institutes which are supervised mostly by female teachers. The purpose of this study was to explore the main factors of motivation that drive women to pursue art education and what benefits they get from art studies. This study employed both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect primary data from a sample of 20 female art teachers and 100 female art students from two universities in Pakistan. Results from the study show that obtaining an art degree provides better jobs opportunities in different fields of the art industry. However, teaching is the most suitable profession for Pakistan women.  Keywords: Motivation, female, higher education, Pakistan